Don't Fly Thai Airlines

Don't Fly Thai

There Are Significant Issues With Thai-based Aviation

In July 2007, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) informed the Thai Department of Transportation (DCAT or DCA) that their aviation oversight was "seriously deficient". The FAA did NOT inform the traveling public. In September, 2007, Orient Thai's One-Two-Go crashed on landing at Phuket International Airport in Thailand, killing 90 people. The NTSB has determined the cause of the crash to be "flight crew error." The pilots were vastly in excess of legal flight hours and improperly trained.

Issues and Facts Orient Thai/ One-Two-Go Phuket Air Skystar Airways Thai Government is Aware Thai Government has Acted
International flight Yes Yes Yes
Checkride fraud Yes Yes Yes Insufficiently
Inadequate re-currency training Yes Yes Yes No
Maintenance malpractice Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Regular illegal flight due to maintenance issues Yes Yes Yes By Implication No
Failure to have or follow MEL Yes Yes Yes No
Excessive flight and duty hours as a regular means of business Yes Yes Yes Yes Insufficiently
Flight into countries not covered by terms of insurance Yes Yes ? No
Pilots instructed never to declare an emergency Yes Yes ? No
Unqualified pilots (no ground school, inadequate training and/or wrong type rating) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Bonded/indentured first officers Yes Yes No
Provided fraudulent information to the NTSB Yes Yes No
UN charter contract Yes (>$90,000,000) No No
Airline has significant interaction with Thai Aviation (DCA) agents Yes Yes No
International flight
International flight without an AOC Yes Yes No

Unfortunately, this type of unsafe flight is a daily occurance on Thai-based airlines. The evidence of unsafe and illegal flight in Thailand shown on this website was compiled over the course of six months from March 2008 through now (October 2008). The only *older* evidence pertains to maintenance malpractice and flight with unsafe aircraft at Orient Thai/One-Two-Go during 2006 (saved by a pilot who wanted evidence when the inevitable crash occurred.)


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