Lax Oversight of Orient Thai/One-Two-Go

Lax Oversight of Orient Thai/One-Two-Go

Orient Thai and One-Two-Go airlines are owned and operated by Udom Tantiprasongchai. Udom has two AOC in Thailand plus another AOC in Cambodia thus no matter how unsafe his airlines are - and no matter how many people die in on his aircraft - he is hard to ground.

Orient Thai/One-Two-Go are actually the same operation. They have the same management, same policies (corrupt) and proceses (corruption). Udom has the support of the King of Thailand, as his days flying the CIA in SE Asia helped open Thailand to major economic opportunities. Orient Thai and One-Two-Go aircraft even have an official royal seal.

One-Two-Go crashed an MD-82, flight OG269, on October 16, 2007, killing 90 people including 45 Thais and 45 foreigners - mostly Europeans, Americans, Isrealis and Iranians. The Thai government insists the cause of the crash is "unknown" or caused by "commiunication issues between foreign and Thai pilots" or "flight crew error" or .... In truth, the crash was caused due to "foreseeable flight crew errors due to systemic issues in Thailand and a callous indifference to human life and standard safety programs at Orient Thai Airlines."

Here's the proof:

Fraudulent check rides

Excessive work hours

Order by Orient Thai COO to Orient Thai CEO Udom Tantiprasongchai to falsify the flight rosters and flight logs for the crash investigators

If the Bonded/Indentured First Officers refuse a flight for any reason, they can be fired and forced to repay the entire $58,000 bond.

Maintenace fraud